Start-ups, Spin-outs, and SMEs

Early-stage technology We advise a large number of high-tech start-up and spin-out companies and are familiar with all stages of the lifecycle of such companies. In most cases, our involvement begins with the drafting of the initial patent applications for the core technology. Our ethos is to draft thorough and well-written patent applications from the outset. Our involvement progresses to helping with the development and management of a larger intellectual property portfolio, dealing with challenges from competitors and, importantly, dealing with due diligence requests for potential investors, distributors and licensees.

Intellectual property portfolio development For clients with an established core technology platform, our proactive approach to patent and trade mark portfolio management and development helps them match their investment in intellectual property to their business requirements. We draft, file and prosecute patent applications in the UK, before the European Patent Office and internationally. We can advise on and manage large foreign filing programmes. We have excellent relationships with patent attorneys around the world.

Maintaining a competitive IP position Essential to all SMEs is the ability to maintain a competitive IP position. We have a lot of experience at helping our clients to understand the patent landscape in which they operate. We can assist with strategic IP decisions. To this end, we provide services such as competitor monitoring, providing freedom to operate and validity opinions and advising on strategies to design around or invalidate third party patents.

Our ethos is to draft thorough and well-written patent applications from the outset.

We are currently prosecuting applications in most major markets, for example, the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, India, Australia, Russia and the Middle East.

We have particular expertise in defending and opposing patents before the Opposition and Appeal Boards at the European Patent Office.