International IP

International IP

We work with clients around the world and manage their international IP.

Many of our clients have business interests around the world and we manage patent, trade mark and design portfolios in over 100 countries.

We practice directly in the UK and before the European Patent Office and World Intellectual Property Organisation and through local patent and trade mark attorneys in other territories. Several of our European patent attorneys are representatives before the Unified Patent Court.

We have clients with only a few intellectual property rights and clients with several hundred.

Our client’s portfolios very frequently include rights in Europe and the United States and we also handle large volumes of applications into China, Japan, Canada, Australia, India and South Korea as well as smaller volumes of applications in many other territories. We draft new patent applications and file new trade mark applications with an international perspective, bearing in mind variations in law and practice around the world.

We are practiced at using international filing schemes, the Patent Cooperation Treaty, various Patent Prosecution Highway schemes, the Madrid Protocol (which relates to international trade mark registration) and occasionally the Hague Agreement (which relates to international design registration).

We help our clients to develop, maintain and review their portfolios in line with their IP Strategy and give knowledgeable, practical advice. We provide schedules of rights, lists of deadlines, budgets and assistance with cost analysis. We have an online portal through which clients who wish to do so may view their current portfolios and associated deadlines in real time.

We are sometimes asked to take over existing IP portfolios and have a lot of experience of doing so efficiently and safely; we can at the same time review the porfolio and make recommendations.

If you would like to speak to us about developing or taking over management of an IP portfolio, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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