Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

We manage intellectual property portfolios ranging in size between one and a several hundred IP rights

Our IP portfolio management starts by getting the basics right: our experienced record department ensures that our records are correct and complete. We provide schedules of cases and lists of deadlines and have an online portal where these can be viewed where required. We have regularly taken over or consolidated portfolios so that our clients can manage their cases - and their case data - in a single place.

We can assist clients with managing budgets and provide frank estimates of costs and when they fall. We regularly provide information to assist with business plans, and investment and funding proposals.

Our clients vary between those who require relatively little input, or occasional specialised input, into decisions, through those who want detailed information and advice to support decisions, to those who want us to take over their IP management to the maximum extent possible to enable them to focus on other things. We have different working styles for each and can adapt.

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