IP Strategy

IP Strategy

We are IP attorneys who advise on intellectual property strategy

What is an IP strategy?

An IP strategy is a documented approach to developing, protecting and using intellectual property, and addressing competitor IP, within a business plan.

Intellectual property in one form or another is important to almost every business. Intellectual property comes in many forms and serves to protect aspects of a business which are unique or innovative.

There are many different strategies which a company can adopt to create and manage intellectual property depending on their stage, size, technical field, commercial goals, the nature of its innovations and the competition which it faces. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and errors can be made by copying common strategies, or the strategies of other businesses, without care.

In advising on strategy we make use of our wide experience with many different companies operating in many different contexts and our broad general knowledge of technology, entrepreneurship and law. We have seen what works and what does not, and we are creative and keep an open mind as no two technical or commercial situations are ever the same.

As well as considering IP strategy and informally discussing the strategic implications of decision with our clients as they arise, we can also assist with the preparation of written IP strategies or carry out IP audits where required.

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