IP support throughout your  journey

IP support throughout your journey

At Hindles we have worked with numerous start-up companies - sometimes from before the start-up process - through rounds of investment and growth.

Many of our start-up clients have gone on to become large and successful businesses and quite a few have been acquired by global corporations after due diligence of IP portfolios which we prepared. As a result we can assist start-ups throughout their journey.

In the early days our services often include starting the process of registering key patents, trade marks or designs. Later we may advise on building larger IP portfolios or dealing with IP issues arising in investments, transactions, collaborations or occasionally disputes. We are experienced at working with start-ups in a way which is cost effective and which fits in with likely investment and product development timescales. We have a lot of practical experience of what will turn out to be important 5 years in the future and we always keep that mind.

Typical services which we might provide to start-ups in the early days include:

  • IP audits
  • Patent searching and filing
  • Advice on adopting and protecting new trade marks and designs
  • Assistance in budgeting and integrating costs with their business plans
  • Support in dealing with questions and due diligence from investors

As our clients grow their needs change and we provide additional services and management of IP portfolios around the world.

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