Euro-PCT Filing

Euro-PCT Filing

Euro-PCT applications

We are European patent attorneys and we provide an efficient and cost-effective service for entry into the European regional phase of international (PCT) applications, as well as subsequent prosecution, grant and validation.

The legal deadline for entry into the European regional phase is 31 months from the earliest declared priority date of the PCT application. If this deadline is missed it is possible to enter the European regional phase within 2 months of a date which is set by the EPO, with a request for 'further processing' and payment of (substantial) additional fees.

In order to act we often do not need much more information than the PCT application or publication number and details of any actions in the international phase which are not already apparent to us from the public file. Note that although it is routine to amend the claims of a European patent application to reduce or avoid excess claims fees, there is no need to do this on filing. Applicants are set a 6 month deadline to make claim amendments and excess claims fees are on payable at the end of that period. Accordingly, there is no pressing need to make amendments at the time of regional phase entry, unless there are unusual circumstances such as a desire to request early processing.

If you would like us to send a cost estimate for entry into the European regional phase please do not hesitate to contact us.

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