Chemistry/Materials/Life Sciences

Chemistry/Materials/Life Sciences

We have attorneys with a strong technical background in chemistry, materials sciences and the life sciences.

We regularly deal with complex and multidisciplinary inventions.

Examples of relevant technical fields where we have recently advised are:

  • Oil and fuel additives, biofuels
  • Novel materials, particularly "green" and environmentally-friendly materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Glass fibers, glass processing, hair dyes
  • Batteries, polymer electrolyte and solid oxide fuel cells
  • Coatings, coatings from plant oils and curable formulations, pigments
  • Graphene products
  • Disinfectants, antimicrobial and sporicidal formulations, biocomposite materials
  • Sensors, electrochemical sensors, diagnostics, biomarkers, biosensing, microfluidics, molecular biology
  • Drug screening, combinatorial libraries
  • Water treatment, laminates

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